Get Started: First step to Success.

Getting StartedWe all want success badly. But still only few of us achieve it. It is rightly said that you need to take care that you start good. And that is really important.

Suppose you want to open a Coffee shop and want it be full every time you check shop’s status. For that you need space for accommodation, you need furniture, shop articles, glassware, servants, advertising and many more. But note here that you need to start first. For a successful business and a successful life, both professional and personal, you need to make a plan and work that out.

It’s said that making a plan is that first step towards success. Yes! you need to make plan for your successful business or life. Make a plan how you tend to achieve your dreams.

You have a dream, world has a space for it.

Getting started is not the only solution. Many of us start good with a high level of adrenaline in our veins, but as time passes and we start facing hurdles and fall backs we generally quit. That’s what happens with most, or at least, 90% of us. And rest 10% are always ready to face any risk and they go on and on and finally they win!

So what is the reason that we do stop as we face temporary failure?

There are many reasons:

  1. I lost my interest. I found that stuff as “Dry” now.
  2. I can’t get it. It’s for champions, I’m not one of them.
  3. I don’t feel motivated.
  4. I can’t understand myself.
  5. I’m unable to maintain that hasty schedule.
  6. It’s not making me feel good.
  7. I can’t work that much hard.
  8. Let’s get practical, these ideas don’t work in the real world!
  9. I’m so confused what I want from life..
  10. I’m not serious about my career..

I can extend the list to at least 148. Because I wrote 148 reasons of my failure, on some A4 Size paper sheets – My Excuses.

You could do the same. Write all the excuses that you have made in your life till now number-wise on a paper. Now, whenever you feel you can’t do it, open that list and say, “It’s my excuse number ____. But not this time. I’m not gonna use excuses anymore!”

How to do it in simple steps?

1. Make a plan for yourself, about your dream and how do you intend to achieve all that. Write it. It is very important that you make realistic plan. i.e. a plan that you can follow. Do not make a plan that much hard, that you find it difficult to follow at that time.

2. You need to choose: Excuses or Results

Choice is always ours. I would like to quote a line from a Movie: “Our Greatness or Strength is not determined by our talents, but is determined by our decisions“. Make a decision now!!! And Stick to it.

Excuses” or “Results

After you have chosen, do not start right now. Yes, not now, because you must have tried this earlier and got failed. You need to get started but in the right way.

Then what is the right way?

To answer this, let me tell you my story in brief. I didn’t liked to study. It was about two months I hadn’t studied any thing at all. I had an exam after 3 months. Now only about a month was left. And I felt scared but what I realized was: I didn’t felt from inside to study at all.

That day I saw the following video from YouTube:

{if you need to download this video, use “Ant Video Downloader” from for your particular Internet Browser like Mozilla Firefox or IE}

If you have watched the video, you can understand that:

If you have it on your mind, you can do it.

3. And all you need to do is “JUST DO NOT QUIT“.

After I saw the video, I got somewhat motivated and started to study “Human Biology” particularly Human Digestion. After that I felt, “Hey! that wasn’t bad at all. I could do it everyday.”

The key was “I loved to study only Human Biology” and that’s what I started with.

After that, I read only Human Biology for about 4 days and completed almost whole Human Biology (Time depends upon your Syllabus level and grasp on subject). After that I started with Physics and Chemistry too.

At fresh start-ups (after long breaks), always start from your favorites.

And Guess what! I secured 87.82% in Objective test!!! I know its not that good enough, but is a good score to get started.

So, the key is:

It is important that you start good.


4. After you have that good start-up push you will in sometime feel good about yourself. Maintain it. It is very crucial that you maintain it anyhow. You need to maintain it. For your dreams, for your career. If you need watch the above video again and again.

Work out your plans and make a history.

Always remember & say one thing to yourself:

Some people teach history and some people learn history but I’m gonna create the history.

An Article by Tushar Rastogi.