New Girl in my Class

Unknown GirlIt was my Practical Lab Class. I sat with my other usual college friends. They are good to hang out in college. I guess I know this because I don’t have time to point out differences.

She was late by approximately 10 minutes. She was requesting the teachers to let her and her female friend to let in the class and attend the practicals. Teacher, as usual, said the obvious statements. It was then, when she sat in front of me and I saw her for the first time in my life. I was not able to stop to look at her… She was beautiful.

With an high pitched and soft female voice her words were somewhat falling in my ears. What a soft voice she had!!!

And Yes!!! I came to knew her name. Simple and beautiful as she is.

She had a pimple, a big one, on her nose… 😉 But she was still prettiest in the class for me. For the first time in my life, I didn’t hesitated to look at a girl continuously for at least one and a half minute until one of my friend shook me, “It’s your turn to observe the specimens.” I left my seat and saw how she smiled.

Hairs were like tickling on her soft cheeks for which she laughed silently, so that she remains unnoticed by the teacher. I went towards the table where some specimens were kept. But, one specimen that I saw today was my A+ Grade for me.

Yes!! She looked at me in the way to my seat. I could feels my nerves. I sat and started to see details of specimen in Practical Text Book. She turned back for 3 (three) times and each time she looked at me. I could tell myself that I felt very confident about her and me. Sometimes I look at her and smiled, sometimes she looked at me and smiled… It was like exchanging SMSes via eyes.

Next day, I felt down. I was late. She was sitting at the other corner of the Class. Damn!! I had to sit in the front seats of another row. In front of my desk were kept another sets of specimens. Now, I became confident that she will today also exchange eye signals.

She came. When she stood up from her seat, I was stupidly working and drawing diagrams. When I saw that its her almost in front of me, I was like a Egyptian mummy wanting to travel back in time and get my those moments back. She came in front of me and observed the specimen. She didn’t looked at me even once directly. She just moved her eyes towards me. I couldn’t understand what the hell was going on.

About the second I was about to say something, teacher shouted, “Girls! Don’t talk!”. And she walked out without seeing me even once there. I felt like a stupid.

Came the day number three.

She didn’t attended any theory classes and directly sat for practicals. The day was almost similar to day one with exchanges of looks but this time she sat in front row and I was at last.

And at the end of this day, we both dispersed without a talk today also.

I’m very very much excited and curious to know what so called fate has for both of us.