Secret of Success – Born With Everyone!

I searched many times on the Internet and in many Blogs and other things like Books also. The common words used by me during my this research were: “Secret of Success, Successful Life, etc..”. It seemed to be a never ending result and research. But in there, I knew that one day I’ll have that secret in myself. And I will call myself as “Successful“.

It seems like I’m talking like a grown old-man, but seriously we all know the secret. Just for a moment realize this: You came across this content because you searched for the approximately same words that I used to search for. Now if you can realize it, you can understand it. But if you don’t realize that you are actually searching for a artificial plan to your successful life, then please understand it anyhow.

That’s something direct. I like things to be direct. So, I’ll do the same here.

So, lets me tell you how you already know the secret, which is so worthy. In order to do this, please select “What you want to do?” or “In what field you want to be successful?”. After you know this, you must me chasing to get it. You must have faced Failure many times in this. Right?

Please answer ALOUD!!! while you read.

Let me suppose that you want to be a Doctor (Let’s assume that). Now, in order to do that you need to be firstly a physician, then only you will be able to specialization in any field and become a specialist doctor. Now, in order to be a General Physician you need to get in a Medical School/College. For that  you need to pass the Entrance Exam by the particular Institute.

So, here your success will be to “Being a General Physician” firstly. Because a General Physician is a doctor. If you suggest here that “Being a Specialist” will be success, that’s Extremely good. But the thing is you are currently aiming too high. Yes, ask the persons who have cracked the Entrance Exams they would or their interviews will tell you that they aimed only to crack Entrance Exam and somehow get in Medical School/College and pass out with good result as a doctor. Many of the Toppers are not even sure that what they may choose for specialty in their later stage of Life.

That’s the First Lesson:

Always Do One thing at a time. Always.

If you are playing you must concentrate on playing only. If you are studying you must concentrate on studying. Some of you may find, that it was already known to you. But if it was then you must have not followed it. Practice it! Daily!!! If you don’t know how or forget to do this, write it on your palm with Permanent Marker so that whenever you see this, you do exactly the same.

If you are not able to concentrate, then practice Meditation. Yes! it firstly for some times feels like Hell and “What the eef!!”, but once you do it for a week, you will enjoy doing this.

Second Lesson:

In order to gain something, you must lose something

This is Nature’s Fundamental Law. If you want to buy snacks, you need to pay to shopkeeper by Money. So, you gain snacks, but you lose money.

Fill it, Write it and Paste it up, somewhere you see it everyday:

Fill the blanks yourself, write it and paste it now only!

I wanna be a  ________ . And from now I’ll do in favor of what I wanna be. This is my God Damn Life! No ________ (Exam/Person/etc..) is gonna decide that I’m not gonna be a ________. This is my Life and I’ll make it Perfect for myself and for my family. Screw you ________ (exam/person/etc..) I’ll do it at any cost. Stop me if you can!!

If convenient to you, please specify the name of Exam, Person, etc..

Third and Last but a very important Lesson:

Stop at nothing. Remember: Champions Never Give Up!

If you face any dullness or feel low at any time, stop studying or doing what was needed to be done. Take a break and relax. Watch some Comedy. Get your Interest back!

Remember here that you need a strong will power to get set that interest back! If you somehow fail, read the whole article again and burst out with flying colors!


An Article by Tushar Rastogi